Prize Objectives

  1. To showcase within Israeli society the impact and contribution of Anglo Olim on building the State of Israel.
  2. To highlight Anglo Olim who exemplify successful integration into Israeli society and can serve as inspiration and role models for others to make Aliyah.
  3. To express gratitude to individuals who have enhanced and transformed the lives around them.

Prize Criteria

The Bonei Zion Prize submissions are to be judged according to the following criteria:


The work of the Bonei Zion Prize recipients must have had a notable and positive impact on the State of Israel’s private or non-profit sector.


Bonei Zion Prize recipients should ideally have created or founded an enterprise, organization, or an initiative and/or have grown or expanded a project with significant gains.


Bonei Zion Prize recipients are undoubtedly recognized within Israel as leaders in their respective fields. Many recipients are internationally recognized and may have been recipients of other notable prizes.



Bonei Zion Prize recipients should be forward thinkers and innovators in their fields of expertise.


Bonei Zion Prize recipients should be ardent Zionists and actively work towards the development of the Jewish State.